50/50 Range

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Our 20 flavour strong 50/50 range is perfect for those wanting to quit tobacco cigarettes or have low amounts of nicotine regularly. With balanced ingredients to suit all device types while being available in unique pukka flavours and our take on classic e-liquid flavours, you'll find the perfect juice in our 50/50 range.  

10ml of E-liquid with Nicotine. 50%PG 50%VG (what's this?).

50/50 Range

  • Add the e-liquid to any vaping device and wait a few minutes before using. This juice is designed to be used at low to mid temperatures/power, so it's best not to use in high wattage mode (if your device is high wattage). Intake the same way you usually vape. If you're unsure on what 'mg' of nicotine you should intake, try 3mg first. The juicy flavours burst through on every intake, and a refreshing relief comes on every exhale. Always read the label of your e-liquid and vaping device before use.