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    Vaping is the term used when somebody uses a vaping device that heats e-liquid and turns it into vapour. It doesn't necessary refer to people who intake nicotine, as vaping can be done without nicotine. 


    A portable device that heats e-liquid to deliver vapour, nicotine and flavour through breathing in through a mouthpiece. 

  • MG

    'MG' is a milligram. This is used to measure the amount of nicotine mixed into a bottle of e-liquid. In the UK, the lowest is typically 3mg, and highest is 20mg.


    E-liquid (or juice, e-juice) is the substance that vaping devices use to heat up to turn into vapour.

  • PG

    PG stands for Propylene Glycol, an ingredient used in most e-liquids. It's used to carry flavour and hold the mix of liquid together. PG is used in a variety of household products, such as toothpaste and tablets.

  • VG

    VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, which is a natural chemical, derived from vegetable oils. It's used to sweeten most e-liquids, thicken it's vapour, and helps to create a smoother vape. It's also used in a variety of other products, like sweeteners, baked foods and oral hygiene products.

  • VG %  PG %

    The VG / PG % balance in an e-liquid helps to determinate it's suitability for your vaping device. Typically, PG will never go above 50%, creating a 50/50 balance which is suitable for all devices. Higher VG% requires more heat/power in your vaping device, but will create a better vape.


    A vape cloud is the term used by enthusiasts to describe the vapour you exhale from a vaping device. Bigger clouds can be created by more heat from your vaping device and higher VG% from your e-liquid.


    A vape pen is a medium sized vaping device to which you can add your own e-liquid into a small tank. They are usually rechargeable and deliver mid-range heat/power to create vapour.

  • MOD

    A mod is a vaping device that can typically be modified. They usually have larger rechargeable batteries, larger liquid tanks and higher power/heat capabilities. Some have additional buttons and displays to adjust it's settings. They are the ideal device for any long term vaper.


    A vaping pod system is a vaping device that is often rechargeable, compact and convenient. You cannot add your own e-liquid to a pod, but instead replace the top with a 'pod' containing a set amount of e-liquid and a fresh coil.

  • COIL

    A coil is the tube shaped heating element of all vaping devices. It heats the e-liquid from the outside (where the e-liquid is stored in your device) and turns it into a vapour. As you inhale, vapour is drawn into the inside of the coil tube and up through the mouthpiece. 


    Nicotine salt is a term used to describe a more authentic nicotine solution. In Nic-Salt e-liquid this creates a more instant and smoother nicotine hit with high MG levels (10mg+), but it's nicotine effect doesn't last as long as freebase nicotine. Nic-salt does not make your e-liquid taste salty, nor does it change it's texture. Nic-Salt should not be used at high power/heat.


    A Nic-Shot is a small (usually 10ml) of flavourless liquid containing a high nicotine content designed to be added to Shortfill e-liquid bottles. In the UK, you cannot purchase over 10ml of nicotine per product. A Nic-Shot enables you to purchase a Shortfill bottle of nicotine-less e-liquid, to which you can add your nicotine shot. This essentially creates a 60ml bottle of nicotine infused e-liquid (50ml Shortfill + 10ml Nicotine-Shot).

  • ICE

    Ice is the term used when an e-liquid is designed to give off a cooling sensation or taste. When we refer to ICE we mean a slight cooling sensation to create a refreshing overall vape. Sometimes, ICE refers to menthol and/or a mint flavour. 


    Freebase nicotine is the purest nicotine solution used in most e-liquids. It's a versatile nicotine that is smooth to vape at low-medium nicotine MG levels (up to 12mg). It can be vaped at high temperatures and doesn't effect the taste of e-liquid.


    A descriptive word for when a vaper exhales after using some Premium Refreshing E-liquid from Pukka Juice. Example: 'That's pukka!' *-*

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