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MIST Impressed by Pukka Juice's Latest 5000+ Nic Salts

UK-based vape reviewer, e-liquid brand, and online store, MIST recently conducted a

comprehensive review of Pukka Juice's highly anticipated 5000+ Nic Salts range.

In the review, MIST’s lead vape reviewer Aiden Aitken utilized an XROS Nano Innovation to

taste test all 13 flavours from the range — Frosty Forest Berries, Black Raz Breze, Fizzy Pop,

Berry Blast, Blue Raz Gummy, Blue Sour Razz, Lime Twist, Polar Mint, Pineapple Ice, Berry

Frenzy, Lemon &Lime, Cherry Burst, and Blueberry Strawberry Burst. All of which have a 10mg

nicotine strength.

Among the standout flavors, Lemon & Lime captured the hearts of MIST. Aitken described it as

"an intoxicating sour splash of flavor, with tart and righteous lime juice surging forth on the

inhale, then giving way to delicate lemon sweetness on the subsequent intake of breath."

Other flavours that impressed Aitken are Lime Twist, Blue Sour Razz, Blue Razz Gummy, and

Frosty Forest Berries.

Overall, Aitken said, "The Pukka Juice 5000+ range is packed full of vibrant and tangy

flavors...when their mixed fruit vapes hit, they hit RIGHT!"

You can read the in-depth review here.

Watch the video here.

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